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What you need to know

In second grade the students get their homework on Mondays, and it is to be returned on Fridays. They will have two spelling assignments and a math assignment. They also must read 3 nights a week for 20 minutes a night. The students have a binder that has their reading log, spelling words, and math sheet.

There is also a planner. The planner is my way to communicate the child's behavior or any personal notes.The clip chart has five colors. Green is a perfect day. Blue is good choices. Yellow is slow down (warning). Orange is walk laps at recess. Red is parent contact. The students receive many warnings before they have to move a clip. Please make sure to check and sign the planner each day to let me know that you are seen your child's behavior and/or any notes from me. This is also the place for you to write notes to me. Please tell your child to let me know if you have written a note. If I did not reply, then I did not see the note.

*Email is probably the easiest way to get in contact with me, but feel free to call me or stop me after school.