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Medication Policy

Medications will be administered on a week-to-week basis unless instructed otherwise.
Medication should be given at home whenever possible. However, CISD board policy FFAC (local) dictates that when dosage instructions require medication to be given during the day, the following requirements must be met:

Any prescription medication may be given at school if a note giving parental permission is sent by the parent/guardian. The note must include specific instructions on how and when and why the medication is to be given. The medication must be in the original prescription bottle, recent and properly labeled with the name of the patient, doctor, drug and any specific instructions on the dosage or administration.

A note from the parent AND physician is required if the medication is non-prescription. The medication must be provided by the parent and appear in the original container with specific instructions from the doctor including patient name, physician name, medication name, time and dosage

At the end of the school year, medications not previously picked up by the parent will be sent home with the student on the last day of school.