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About Me: 

My name is Breana Williams and I am the school counselor here at Martin Elementary School. I am thrilled to work with you during this school year. 

I can’t wait to build meaningful relationships with each and every student on our campus.

I look forward to inspiring our students to become leaders and the best versions of themselves. If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask to call at 972-427-6020 or email at Let’s sail to success together!

Martin Elementary Counseling Program: 

The following are the service components that make up the comprehensive school counseling program here at Martin Elementary. Services that are provided are tailored to meet the needs of the students on our campus. 

Guidance Lessons: I deliver guidance lessons on a monthly basis to all students.  Guidance lessons are created and designed in order to help students grow, develop, and gain transferable skills as it relates to education, career, personal, and social development. 

Responsive Services: At times, students need additional support in order to help them during times of need. Short term individual counseling as well as small group counseling is offered on an as needed basis to all students.  

Individual Student Planning: Individual planning is available to help students in their development as well as to learn further skills to help them work towards meeting academic, personal, social, and future career goals. 

System Support: This service component is designed around indirect services that allow for time to plan, organize, implement, and manage the school counseling program in order to evaluate and refine areas to best equip students for success. 

This information is based off of The Texas Model (2018) from the Texas Education Agency.

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